Gathering for worship, prayer and the hearing of God's Word has been an integral aspect in the lives of Jesus' followers for nearly two thousand years. We are told in the New Testament not to forsake meeting with one another. So we do this in small groups throughout the week, as well as on Sunday mornings.

At either of our Sunday morning gatherings, you'll likely find some people just like you and many who aren't. But our mutual purpose is to understand God and ourselves better, to walk more closely with him, to be shaped in the image of his Son Jesus and to share the love of Christ with others.

As both gatherings offer the same message, the primary difference in our worship offerings is the style of music. Otherwise, you'll discover at each service older and younger people in both age and experience of knowing Jesus. Some will wear coats and ties or dresses and skirts. Still some others might wear T-shirts and jeans. So come dressed as you feel comfortable.

At the 10:45 am gathering, we can care for your kids (infants through 5th grade) so you can participate uninterrupted. Or feel free to keep them with you. The service is usually over by noon. Click here for more on GreenHouse Kids.

At ECOB, you won't find anyone who has it all together or who has all the right answers. While we certainly agree on some basic aspects of faith in Jesus, there is plenty of room to disagree on the secondary issues that we never make primary. We aim to live out what Jesus taught his disciples. We fail at times, but through God's grace and his empowering, we each are starting to resemble more the character of Christ.