what is RockHouse?

RockHouse Student Ministries is for grades 6-12. We exist to help teens experience a relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many different ways we accomplish this, mainly two: through weekly meetings and events.

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Believe conference

middle school students


Many things can cause a Jr. High student to become lonely. Anxiety, sin, depression, distorted identity, rejection, self-worth, abandonment, even technology plays a role. 

But God teaches us that relationships are key in life. A relationship with Jesus is where life really comes from - eternal life. And if Jr. high students have a distorted view of how relationships work here on earth, they'll have a mistaken view of how a relationship with Jesus works.

This year's Believe tour will help these students know exactly what it means to have a relationship WITH Jesus.

WITH - it's a common word, but when spoken in the context of a relationship with Jesus it has such a deeper meaning. By focusing on Matthew 28:20 and exploring the idea of a relationship "WITH" Jesus, Believe will help Jr. High Students discover how to worship God through a right and faithful relationship with Him.

challenge 2018: kansas city




We're heading back to Kansas City! This time in a difference capacity. We're still going to serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, but we'll be filling our mornings and evenings with a conference devoted to discipleship!


If you're looking for an opportunity to grow deeper in your faith, worship with thousands of other students your age, and have an unforgettable/life-changing experience you won't want to miss this! This conference will be the first four days of our trip.


One of the reasons we're returning to Kansas City again is to follow up with some of the ministries we worked with last year. So we'll be making time to go to familiar sites and see some familiar faces.


Cost: $450

Deadline: Feb. 28

Deposit upon registration: $100


James 1:22 ESV

"But be DOERS of the word, and not hearers only…"

Our approach to ministry is to give students the freedom to experience what we hear from the word of God. We hope to help each person develop an all-encompassing view of what it means to be a follower of Christ. There will be elements of fellowship, worship, prayer, service, study and challenge. We are helping develop DOERS of the WORD!

Doer Groups begins September 10th, 6-8pm. 

The gym opens at 5:30pm for those interested in playing games.

We meet regularly each Sunday evening in the Gathering Area at ECOB

If you'd like more information on Doer Groups and our approach to ministry, you can download it here.