BEST SUMMER EVER is Life@Home’s recent 120 Day Campaign of Intentionality. Warmer weather, longer days, vacations, and cookouts. Summer has a way of drawing us out of the house and pushing us to experience every day to its fullest. 


It's easy to make God a part of your life, but God wants more than a part... he wants ALL of us. A Life@Home goal is to help each person and family embrace what God has given, and make Him the reason behind all we do. With the BEST SUMMER EVER we desire for ECOB to take advantage of all that summer gives, and simply make God the central focus of it.

Best summer ever


Here you will find different tools and ideas to help incorporate Christ into your family's or your own summer routines. When there can be a tendency to "shut down" (especially in matters of faith) over the summer, we hope these resources can provide opportunities for you to help bring about the abundant life Christ promised us.

  • This is a calendar of events you can print off and put on your refrigerator at home to stay up to date with ways to be involved with all that is happening at ECOB. Or you can simply check out our calendar page.

  • BSE Launch Kit


    This guide will help you begin your journey in making this summer the best ever. It provides help with incorporating scripture, intentionally planning travel to include Christ, and much more.


    Many use buckets in the summer for all kinds of opportunities. When at the beach, a bucket can be filled with sand to build a sandcastle, or filled with collected sea shells. Other times a bucket can be filled with weeds as we weed our gardens. 

    Our question is what you will be filling your buckets with this summer? These resources are available for you to find ways to fill your summer with Christ in intentional ways.

    Couples Bucket List

    Singles Bucket List


    Technology can easily pull us away from life and devour our time without us knowing. With teens this can be even more true. Added hours in the summer months, and more time away from the normalcy of life can tempt us to feed this need to emerse ourselves in our phones or social media. That's why we find it important to establish a plan for how to use technology over the summer. This isn't just for kids, it's for the whole family and individuals.

  • Children & Youth Resources


    "I'm bored, mom!" How often do those word occur during the summer? If your'e struggling to find what to do, or maybe your children are having a tough time not knowing what to do, then try using this spinner game at home. You can make your own or pick one up at the Life@Home Resource Center.


    Find creative ways to teach your children about Christ using this guide. It will take some planning, but the payoff is worth it!

  • In this document you'll see several different places within Eaton and Preble County that you or your family can serve. The hope is that you won't just serve and check it off a list of good deeds, but rather you find a place to serve where you can connect and carry on serving far beyond the summer.