PRAYER 7>5>2

Prayer 7>5>2 is Life@Home’s first full 120 Day Campaign of Intentionality. And what will we be intentionally doing? PRAYER. The heart behind these next 120 days at ECOB is to continue to develop a people of prayer.


When a church prays, God moves in miraculous ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. No matter what stage in life, we can all strive for a better prayer life. We hope this campaign ignites a fire inside you and your family to make communicating with God an inseparable portion of your life.

Prayer for 120 days

We are asking all who attend ECOB to commit to praying seven (7) days a week with the focus of God establishing opportunities for each of us to Share Life and Share Christ to those we come in contact daily. You can pray more than this if you want!

We are also asking for a commitment to praying consistently with others. Five (5) times a week we want to see families joining together in prayer. Whether you live with your family, away from your family, or have a tight knit circle of friends who you know as your family, our hope is that five times a week you gather for prayer. Don’t let distance be a hindrance! Utilize Facebook, FaceTime, or any other form of communication to make this happen!

Two (2) times a week we are also encouraging each person to find a Prayer Partner with the intention of praying for ECOB, its leaders, and church vision. Our hope is that God will begin to empower us to accomplish all that He has designed and created this church body to be.


Often, when we think of prayer we think of we think of communicating to God our needs, others needs… essentially requests. But prayer is so much more! Our hope throughout these next 120 days is you begin to see how prayer can change us INWARD, draw us UPWARD to God, and move OUTWARD to care for others.

We will be spending intentional time on Sundays learning and practicing prayer so we can begin applying these methods when we go home.

If you've missed some of our sermons, and would like to catch up. Maybe you want to listen again. Find out more about our focus on INWARD, UPWARD, and OUTWARD on our media page.

Prayer 7>5>2 Resources

These are some resources that we are passing out to anyone who wants to be a part of this campaign to be intentional about praying together for 120 days.

Prayer Guide

Prayer 7>5>2 Information Handout

Prayer Calendar

Life@Home Discipleship Appraisal

This is a resource designed for Christians to allow God to investigate their relationship with Him. The goal is not to make you feel guilty but to recognize areas where we need to grow, and seek resources through Life@Home to make Christ a part of our everyday.

Married with children in the home - Appraisal

Married no children in the home - Appraisal

Single (Youth and Adult) - Appraisal