Our 8:45 am worship gathering is a more traditional blend featuring hymns and songs contemporary songs from the past 30 years.

Our 10:45 am worship gathering features primarily modern songs with some older worship songs and hymns sprinkled in here and there.

In an effort to help our congregation be better prepared for Sunday morning worship—as well as to worship throughout the week—we limit our running playlist of songs, making sure each gets adequate "air time," so as to be familiar. This is primarily at the 10:45 gathering, but even at the 8:45 gathering we try to limit obscure hymns.

Toward the end of each week, we post links to both services on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Be sure to like/follow, so you can see what songs we're planning to use and get links to listen for free or to purchase online.

• Click here for the 10:45 worship playlist on Spotify.

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