Child Protection Policy

At ECOB we are committed to making sure our volunteers and children are placed in an environment where the focus can strictly be on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to create a space where parents can drop their children off and know we are both seeking the same purpose for our children. This is the heartbeat behind the Child Protection Policy. 

The policy has been created to protect both the volunteer and the child. We are hoping to be proactive against any situation that might seem compromising to adults and children. Therefore we find it of utmost importance to have all ECOB volunteers who work in the areas of Children, Youth, Security, or Medical be up-to-date on the latest changes on our Child Protection Policy.

CPP Online training

We are taking a new step forward in reference to our CPP training. We are allowing anyone who has attended two (2) or more CPP trainings in person to now simply take the training in the convenience of your own home (or office, or coffee shop!). 

We do understand that it's not always easy for you to make it to the trainings we have at ECOB, so we've created this method to allow you to get the same information while also allowing you to fit it in your schedule. In order to this, however, at the end you'll be asked to fill out a questions form (at the bottom of this page) so that we know you reviewed the information. We ask that you answer all questions correctly. In the event a question is missed, we will contact you to follow up. If you do not know the answer, please use any of the information we've provided and find the answer. Our goal is for you to KNOW the material, not simply answer questions correctly. 

Here are the steps you need to take in order to be re-certified:

Step 1: Download and read through the CPP Online Information Presentation

Step 2: Download and be familiar with the Documents of Interest

Step 3: Fill out and sign the Questions and Compliance Form at the bottom of this page.

Documents of Interest:

CPP Online Presentation

Child Protection Policy

CPP Accident-Incident Report

CPP Report of Non-Compliance

We want to make sure we thank each and every one of you for how you serve the young generations at ECOB. Your service is helping us share the gospel to ears that are eager to hear and believe there is a God who moved Heaven and Earth to bring us life!

If you are a student in 6-12th grade and you would like to work with children, please download this document and give it to either Lois Simmons or Pastor Josh

Child Protection Policy

Online Presentation

CPP Questions & 

Compliance Agreement Form